Frequently Asked Questions about Beekeeping in Prince Georges County

Are there many beekeepers in the county? BUMBA has over 100 members, and the State of Maryland has over 1,500 registered beekeepers looking after approximately 15,000 hives.

How much time does beekeeping require? While it depends on the interest, energy, and curiousity of the beekeeper, for much of the year you can check on your hive as often as once a week or (more commonly) as little as once a month.

Is beekeeping legal? Beekeeping is legal in Prince Georges County and the State of Maryland, though local communities or condominium covenants may restrict beekeeping. Even if your home community restricts beekeeping, we receive many requests from parks, community gardens, farms, and other facilities for placement of beehives and can find you a place where your bees are very much wanted.

Is beekeeping difficult? Beekeeping requires some physical strength, but mostly a willingness to learn for a lifetime from these amazing creatures. The beekeeping community collaborates in providing advice, loans of gear, or even a helping hand to its members. Beekeepers are also social creatures!

Where do I find bees, equipment, and instruction? When you take the shortcourse (next scheduled for early 2018) or join BUMBA, you get immediate access to the network of suppliers and advisors who can point you to numerous sources of bees, gear, and information based on your own preferences, location, and priorities. For some quick pointers to local resources for bees and equipment, read more.

How do I make fondant for emergency and winter feeding? Read more

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