Beekeeping "Short Course"

BUMBA offers a Short Course on Bee Biology and Beekeeping Basics each Spring. Learn how to set up your own backyard hive, manage bees, how to harvest honey and pollen, and learn about basic bee behavior and their importance to the world we live in.

Experienced club members answer your questions and field days give hands-on training—putting together a hive, installing a package of bees, and maintaining the bee colony. Club members volunteer to mentor new beekeepers, helping throughout the year to ensure you have the support to make beekeeping a fun and enjoyable hobby.

Classes include text books for students to keep, refreshments, and door prizes. A new hive is the Grand Prize to a raffle winner. Click below to sign up today!

Short Course Sessions:

  • Class 1: Registration, Introduction, Equipment, and Behavior
  • Class 2: Honeybee Biology, Spring & Summer Management
  • Class 3: Fall and Winter Management
  • Class 4: Elections, Candle and Soap Making
  • Class 5: Diseases and Healthy Bees, with State Apiary Inspector Jerry Fischer
  • Class 6: Short Course Wrap up: marketing, test your knowlegdge, statistics, and a guest speaker

For further information contact:

Beekeeping Class
(301) 868-2086

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