BUMBA Club Extractors and Honey Harvesting Tools

What would cost you over $500, take up a ton of space, and cover the kitchen in sticky stuff once a year if you had to get one on your own? Yes, a complete honey harvesting rig.

Extractor for members' use

BUMBA now has two honey extractors for members to use. The kit also includes an uncapping tank, an electric uncapping knife and an uncapping fork, a stainless steel strainer, and a bottling bucket: everything you need to harvest from a small number of hives.

The Board has established an extractor agreement, rules, and cleaning instructions. To protect the club's investment, borrowers are asked to leave a refundable $50 deposit.

Copies of the agreement and reservation instructions are available via our online member forums. The first 4 days are free!

And you will still get the kitchen sticky once a year if you use the club extractor, but it cleans up quick.