BUMBA Programs

Honey and Other Products of the Hive

BUMBA Members produce some of the finest products from the hive in the state. These include ottled honey, chunk honey, beauty aids, candles, soap and pollen.

All BUMBA member products are high quality, all natural items which we produce ourselves, for our families and for our neighbors.

Most of our honey is harvested in July and sells out very quickly. Be aware: local honey and natural "straight from the hive" artisinal products are more expensive than store bought products, however it doesn’t get any more local than this and you know what you are purchasing!

For more information on BUMBA Member products, you can contact Therese Forbes at Honey Glow Natural Products, (240) 605-3189. Therese also produces many fine skin care products from beeswax and goats milk. Her website is www.honey-glow.com.