Do You Have a Swarm On Your Hands?

Please! Let Us Have it!

Contact BUMBA's swarm committee at

We will first need to know where you are located and where the insects that concern you are located. Then we will attempt to confirm that they are likely to be honeybees. We will then find an interested club member near you who will arrange to visit your site and determine a course of action.

There are many different kinds of pollinating insects out there, including bumblebees and Osmia bees, that beekeepers do not manage, but most of these are unlikely to be a problem for your home and family.

In many cases, average citizens mistake yellowjacket wasps for honeybees: we can help you learn the difference, and advisr on options even if the insects are not honeybees.

Please be aware that beekeepers are not pest control professionals and cannot legally perform elimination and eradication work.